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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Full Name: Shahaji Maloji Bhosale
Born : 2nd March 1595
Place Of Death: Basawapattan , near banglore
Successor: Shivaji raje (Son of Jijabai) founded Marath Empior, Ekoji Raje ( Son of Tukabai) became raja of Tanjore
Wives : Jijabai, Tukabai, Narasabai
Offspring: Sambhaji, Shivaji, Ekoji, Koyaji, Santaji
Royal House: BHOSALE
Fathers Name: Maloji Babaji Bhosale
Mothers Name: Deepabai Vanagoji Nimbalkar ( before marrage)

Shahaji Raje Bhosale(Marathi: शहाजी राजे भोसले) was the eldest son of Maloji Raje Bhosale of Verul (present-day Ellora, Maharashtra). He brought the house of Bhosale into prominence. The princely states of Kolhapur andSatara are Bhosale legacies. If Shivaji the great was the founder of the Maratha Empire, it was his father Shahaji who started the Marathas on that path.
By the late sixteenth century in central India, while religious and racial bigotry continued to be a feature of many Islamic rulers, cold realism dictated that capable locals from the majority Hindu community needed to be given positions of responsibility. One of the Islamic rulers of the age was Ibrahim Adil Shah of Bijapur, who appointed Hindus to key positions and changed the official court language from Persian to Marathi.
Maloji was childless for a long time. Two sons were born to him after seeking blessings from a famous Sufi pir of the time, named Shah Sharif. In honour of the pir, Maloji named his sons Shahaji and Sharifji. Maloji was a capable soldier and eventually became an independent Jagirdar in the court of Adil Shah.

When Maloji Raje expired, Shahji raje was only 6 years old.

Earlier, Shahaji raje was getting younger.. Days after days he was looking very smart & handsome. Actully when Shahaji raje was only 5 years old, at that time on day of SHIMGA (रंगपंचमी) Maloji raje & Lakhuji Jadhavrao was celebrating the festival of SHIMGA & at that time Lakhuji Jadhavrao asked maloji , that he is intrested to do new relation between Maloji & Lakhuji. That means he wants to marry Jija bai ( Lakhuji jadhavrao's Daughter) with Shahaji raje. Maloji raje also agrred the same & both were aprooved this marriage.
After 5 years from the death of Malojiraje, Lakhuji Jadhav rao give his daughter (JIJABAI) to Shahajiraje Bhosale & Both were married

(शहाजी राजे भोसले व जाधव राव यांची कन्या जिजाबाई जा उभयांताचे लग्न इ 1६०५ मार्गशीष शुद्ध ५ शके १५२७, विस्ववासु नम संवत्सर फसली सन १०१५ या साली केले)

Actually Maloji raje & Lakhuji Jadhavarao was very close relatives as per the following hierarchy.
Jijabai was very pretty young female, Very sweet, honest & beautiful lady. She was very honest.. and very respectful. She is like GANGA ( River & God for Hindu) for everyone on this earth. Shahaji raje & Jijabai loves each other very much. In very few days they both got their first Son SAMBHAJI (Shivaji Maharaja's Elder Brother). Jijabai gave birth to Sambhaji in the year of 1614 , at Verul Ghrushneshwar.

Maharaja Shahaji was an extremely ambitious and capable general. At a young age, Maharaja Shahaji had achieved a lot. He was well known not only for his military and leadership skills but also as a Man who kept his word. Maharaja Shahaji had not lost a single battle in his entire life which made him the prominent Maratha legend who was treated even at par with Nizam & Adilshah.
Maharaja Shahaji had defeated quite a number of eminent commanders of Mughals, Adilshah and Nizamshah. Maharaja Shahaji was prominent in the whole of Hindustan (India) for he had not lost a single battle in his lifetime and had always prevailed no matter what the circumstances. Mughal, Adil, Nizam Sultanates were leaving no stone unturned to get Maharaja Shahaji on their side. When Maharaja Shahaji was serving in the Adilshahi court, he was awarded the title of Farzand (someone placed much higher than a chief commanding an army of 10,000) which was equivalent to the designation of a Prince. Thus, Maharaja Shahaji was highly revered in the Adilshahi court.
When Shah Jahan revolted against his father Jehangir, he had come to Maharaja Shahaji for help. Maharaja Shahaji had sheltered and protected Shah Jahan for about 8 months, during which Mughal forces weren’t able to catch hold of Shah Jahan.

Next Topic : Battle of Bhatvadi & Shahaji Raje Setting Up an independent MARATHA KINGDOM


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  8. This simply not true. Molaji and his son Shahji were nit rulers and worked fir Muslim rulers all their life. Shaji worked as vassal for Muslim ruler. He even left his young wife and son Shivaji went to Bangalore and got married there again. He was not Raje. He was a soldier in Muslim ruler with high command. This article is nothing but a typical marathi folk story meant for Marathi audience.

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